Stop #10 – J.T.S. & Elizabeth Creel Brown House

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Stop #10 - J.T.S. & Elizabeth Creel Brown House

Like many early homes in Munfordville, the J.T.S. Brown and Elizabeth Creel Brown House was built facing an old buffalo trail that later became the Amos’ Ferry Road, a main thoroughfare between Louisville and Nashville.  The house was built in 1825, and many people consider it a prototype for the Richard Munford House, which was built five years later.  It is believed that Eijah Creel built this house for his daughter and son-in-law.

Oral Histories about
J.T.S. & Elizabeth Creel Brown House

      2. Description of the Creel Brown House
Told by Janice McCombs

Janice McCombs

Janice McCombs

      3. JTS Brown
Told by Owen Harp

Owen Harp

Owen Harp